Just imagine yourself easily learning the most masterful blues guitar arrangements in the world. In fact, these DVDs and TABS make it so easy, IT'S PRACTICALLY CHEATING!

Want to become an acoustic beast on blues guitar?
World's most revered master blues instructor
wants to give YOU the 5 keys to the Blues Kingdom...

"I first met Stefan Grossman in the States years ago and we became extremely good friends. Personally, I have learned a great deal from him. Let�s face it, he needs very little introduction from me as a blues artist and connoissuer in blues."

- Eric Clapton

If you love blues, then this is easily my most important announcement ever for you. In fact, its probably going to be a dream come true.

Why? Let me put it this way:

If there ever was "A Real McCoy" Master Bluesman and Blues Instructor, I've found him, and his name is Stefan Grossman.

Yes, this is the "Holy Grail" of finger-twisting blues secrets and golden nuggets that you've been waiting for.

But don't just my word for it, or even Eric Clapton's. You're about to see and hear for yourself.

Stefan is going to teach you all the roots styles Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan learned from, and you'll go even beyond that with amazing full solo guitar arrangements that even Hendrix would be impressed with.

Get ready, you're about to learn Blues Guitar techniques and methods that are so cool and mindblowing, you're going to be saying "Where has this stuff been all my life?"

The Foremost Expert on Blues Guitar
Shows you the Secrets of
World Class Country Blues Playing.

Here's Stefan Grossman, teaching Country Blues Guitar.

These DVDs are so jammed packed full of useful instruction that I can barely scratch the surface , but here's just some of the things you'll learn on the first DVD...

Stefan takes you step by step in learning The alternating bass technique. This opens a whole new world for you on the guitar. (at 2:42)

Learn the fundamental chords and the proper fingerings used in country blues. There's some unusual fingerings that will breathe new life into your playing (3:21)

The stacatto chordal technique. This is the trick needed to make your blues chords bounce and jump (at 5:50)

Your first country blues tune: "Railroad Bill". You'll enjoy the challenge of learning this arrangement. It's thoroughly explained and tabbed out for you (see 8:43)

How to add the "salt and pepper" to spice up your playing of blues songs (11:03)

"The Samurai Method" to
Playing A Complex Guitar Part
And Singing at The Same Time.

"Carless Blues" - another classic blues tune in the key of C, again with great explaination and tabs (at 17:33)

The sliding C-chord technique. A favorite technique of Mississippi John Hurt, you'll make some sweet new sounds. (Learn it at 19:02)

Learn "Im satisfied" - another great blues tune. There's no shortage here of great blues arrangements to challenge you. (at 23:36)

How to mix in the Fmaj7 chord into your blues playing for a spicy, exotic sound (at 26:26)

This Package Includes Vintage Rare Footage of
Legendary Blues Guitarist Rev. Gary Davis

How to play like Rev. Gary Davis, one of the legendary figures of Country Blues Guitar. See how Gary moves beyond "old fashioned pickin" (at 32:37)

The reverse picking technique and how to use it in another great blues instrumental: "You've got the pocketbook and I've got the key" (33:00)

The amazing secret to how fingerpicking legends create amazing sounds using only 2 fingers on their picking hand. (36:04)

How to play "Cocaine Blues". This is not the JJ Cale/Clapton tune "Cocaine" - but an older, much more complex arrangement. (Pay attention at 39:20)

Advanced techniques like hammer-on pull-off riffs, and "bass snaps". This will give your playing some juicy texture and flavor (43:11)

You're just gonna learn tons from Stefan and all the old blues greats.

The Best of the Best has Been Compressed
Into These 6 Fun-To-Watch DVDs

More stuff:

Learn killer "chordal positions" that let you create sweet blues riffs instantly. Beyond what I can even explain here (See 49:54)

How to create various "end tags" for your blues riffs. You'll easily go to the next level of blues rhythm mastery. (50:54)

Create crazy counterpoint and beautiful monster country blues licks (54:11)

Go beyond guitar arrangements learn to take bits and pieces of Stefan's examples to start learning the LANGUAGE of blues guitar. (See 56:00)

This Package Includes Vintage Rare Footage of
Legendary Blues Guitarist Furry Lewis

How to combine multiple bass styles for a very diverse playing style (57:13)

The "John D. Rockerfeller" song. Also go beyond the traditional country blues sound for more individualized playing (see 1:01:02)

The "lines and chords" approach vs the "bass and melody" approach. Expand your playing possibilities with tons of musical choices. (1:03:29)

How to strum and pick and keep time - a critical skill overlooked by lots of aspiring blues guitarists. (1:03:54)

Learn crazy picking patterns involving the fingers and thumb (see 1:05:26)

And the video goes on and on for another 15 minutes in a seemingly endless barrage of life-changing blues guitar information.

On top of all that, there's a whole score of audio tracks - tons of classic blues recordings for you to listen to, right on the DVD.

That's just the first DVD...

Interestingly, everything on this first DVD is in the key of C!

This is a Huge Secret to
Becoming a Blues Guitar Master

Each key has its own fingerings, positions, licks and tricks that you must learn and master.

On DVD 2, Stefan goes deep on playing in the keys of G and D.

How to improvise the blues in the key of G. You'll love being able to use the chord positions to support endless bluesy variations (3:03)

How to play a walking turn around, both as a single-note run and as a chord progression. This is the blues magic you've been looking for - ( 4:21)

The secret to improvising melodies over the alternating bass (at 6:22)

Avoid a Silly Mistake
That Almost Every
Blues Guitar Student Makes.

A cool "Blind Lemon Jefferson" guitar arrangement with a great signature lick (at 8:13)

How to apply walking basslines to transition in between chords. It's a great trick to beef up your playing (9:53)

How to make your guitar playing "sparkle" with energy (11:29)

You'll learn "Return to Little Rock" - based on a guitar duet, but one guitar.... Learn so many amazing tricks from the legendary "Blind Boy Fuller" that you'll think you went to blues heaven. Check out this video clip (its at 14:33 on DVD 2).

The tabs make playing along with Stefan a piece of cake.

How to break out of "fixed arrangements" into your own free form style (17:59)

The ripple technique - a little known method that instantly adds texture to a finger style lick (22:30)

"Baby let me follow you down" is another great country blues classic shown at 24:12.

Learn new chord voicings - these new twists on old chords will expand your blues power and flexibility (27:32)

Play with Authority and Sound
Like A Veteran Delta Bluesman,
Starting This Weekend.

Discover the monotonic bass technique - a great way to play cool melodic bluesy stylings (32:10)

Play blues guitar in the key of D. Learn to utilize the magic of the drop D tuning. (34:11)

How to play "Blues aint dry" - a lovely blues arrangement in a dropped D tuning (35:21)

How to apply the alternating bass techniques in drop D (38:32)

And there's another 50 minutes of instruction just on disk 2 that I don't even have time to list (Each DVD is 75 to 90 minutes long)

Way too many lessons to describe, plus lots more audio samples.

It's like a Crazy Hybrid of
All The Early Country Blues Masters.

Let's move onto DVD 3. Here you'll find out the secrets of playing in the keys of A and key of E.

This Package Includes Vintage Rare Footage of
Legendary Blues Guitarist Jesse Fuller

How to play the long A chord- a great technique for playing chord melody licks around the A major chord (1:39)

Play "County Line Blues" - a great, truly different funky blues groove in A (3;42)

Learn the bend slide technique that gave Mance Libscomb his intense sound (7:30)

How to use a melodic riff as a blues motif in a song (10:10)

How to play a slow blues in A ( 12:54)

How to play Lightnin' Hopkins style riffs that are super easy 13:31

Learn single string and double string licks, single string with bend licks, and how to combine them. This is a major key used by Hendrix and Vaughan in getting that rhythm/lead playing together. (16:38)

"Come back baby", another legendary guitar arrangement (19:20)

Make Your Guitar Sing the Blues

The ripple up strum ...this finger style technique will make you sound like a master (22:03)

Learn about real blues power and epic tale of blues greats like Son House. You'll have a better understanding of moving the audience with your blues. (25:02)

Get great split-screen shots showing exactly how Stefan works his guitar magic.

Get Great Splitscreen Shots Inside
The Ultimate Country Blues Package

Crazy chord patterns Stefan learned directly from Son House, the father of the blues (28:07)

Slick bend licks that can substitute as the IV of the blues progression. It sounds very unusual and sweet - 28:54

Sliding delta blues licks courtesy of Robert Johnson (at 31:10)

"Weeping willow blues" One of my favorites tunes that I learned from Stefan - this great tune is a blues in A and features an unusual minor chord (at 33:59)

Sound Like a Blues Genius
with Advanced Jazz Chords

More great chordal variations - this package is a true treasure trove of tricks (37:55)

M&O blues - 44:55 - a great delta blues song featuring a beatiful triple slide figure and tons of amazing combination licks

Learn Thommy johnson's "Bye bye blues". Your friends will love when you play this classic country blues song (52:10)

New Pony Blues - another killer song that with sliding blues licks that rock back and forth between two positions (1:01:37)

"If you haven't any hay" is another classic song that features cool harmonized blues licks using the top 3 strings in "broken" combinations - another amazing technique to build interesting rhythmic textures (1:05:03)

Become the Blues Master
You're Meant to Be

Awesome harmonized walkin bass riffs will have you sounding bluesy beyond belief (1:14:03)

"Avalon blues"... Add this great mississipi john hurt arrangement to your bag of tricks.(1:21:03)

And tons more cool audio samples of classic blues tunes for you to follow along with.

Next, we have DVD 4. On DVDs 4,5,6, we actually have

Rare Vintage Video Footage
Of All These Classic Players

And of course, Stefan is there to explain all the important points. Here's more:

Achieve "snappy" sounds from your fingerstyle playing. Solid stuff. (1:32)

See missisppii John Hurt playing the blues. It's amazing to see this 80 year old black dude just WAILING on the guitar. and even better when Stefan decodes his finger picking technique (at 52:10)

Watch Rev Gary Davis wailing on Candyman, a classic blues tune, and then enjoy as Stefan explains the magic (5:35)

This Package Includes Vintage Rare Footage of
Legendary Blues Guitarist Elizabeth Cotton

Witness Elizabeth Cotton belt out a stellar performance of "freight train blues" (15:15)

How to play solid blues rhythm. Also, another great tune called "It Wont be Long" by Frank stokes, 21:09

Here's another classic blues song: "Buck Dancer's Choice" It's lively dance music blues that will get any crowd moving (25:42)

"Candyman blues" - a great example for learning monster blues riffs in C with tons of great variations (33:02)

Build an Awesome Blues Repetoire

Get a great percussive sound with palm muting - a critical key to making country blues rhythm guitar sound authentic. (38:46)

"Ragtime Mama Blues" - You'll learn a faster ragtime style blues with some advanced smooth guitar playing 41;01

Tablature clearly shows you what you should be doing, as you navigate through incredibly guitar parts, (like the ones at 44:42)

How to play "Freight Train" and learn to rock it like Blind Blake. This is some of the most challenging blues guitar you'll ever see (48:39)

This Package Includes Vintage Rare Footage of
Legendary Blues Guitarist Doc Waston

Play the fast, stumbling "West Coast Blues". Master this one and truly sound like a blues legend (56:06)

watch Doc Watson play "Travelling man" and learn from yet another master. (57:05)

We're onto DVD 5, playing in the keys of A and G now.

Learn Deep Blues from the Masters
And Create Epic Blues Songs

Rev. Gary Davis shows you "Children of Zion" , a great almost "hendrixy voodoo chile" type song... A great performance and you'll learn from the masters to tell the blues story (2:28)

How to forge your own unique style of blues playing. You'll learn all the different ways you can attack your guitar. (9:59)

Mance Limbscomp plays "Shine on harvest moon". You must hear this very original blues sound (10:30)

Furry lewis plays "Furry's blues". Watch a true master at work. You'll learn how to slap the guitar body and keep rhythm. (13:01)

Stefan shows you how to combine strumming srumming and finger picking (14:48)

This Package Includes Vintage Rare Footage of
Legendary Blues Guitarist Mississippi John Hurt

Mississipi John Hurt shows you incredible blues stylings (at 15:00)

How to capture that strong alernating bass and combine the "thud effect" with all kinds of C blues riffs (at 20:40)

"Spike driver blues". Another one. Honestly, there's so many killer blues tunes included in this package that I'm not even listing them all. It's an embarrassment of blues riches. (See 23:03)

How to craft multi part blues arrangements with "guitar breaks" (at 25:20)

Learn To Keep Great Rhythm

The rolling Rev. Gary Davis pattern. A killer. (30:07)

More great songs and tricks in the key of G. Stefan shows you "Ragged and Dirty". Check out the video clip here for an interesting story and demonstration.

This legend breaks it all down. He shows you exactly how to play another crazy brand of vintage smoking blues licks (at 34:49)

Make some magic in the key of A. Learn a killer A shuffle patterns combining monotonic basslines and smart edgy riffing phrases that are a delight to the ears (39:59)

Here's a great line from the DVD. Stefan says "Make sure you're play the guitar and not the guitar playing you". You'll get the full scoop (at 41:47)

Learn Epic Riffs and Licks From
Blues Greats Like Robert Johnson

You're gonna freak out when you hear this other wild dude from the blues matrix playing "Willi Mae Blues". Of course, you get the full tabs as always. (53:32)

This Package Includes Vintage Rare Footage of
Legendary Blues Guitarist Big Bill Broonzy

More intense classic blues performances from cats that Stefan will introduce you. The rare footage of Big Bill Broonzy and Lightnin hopkins will blow your mind (56:58)

On DVD 6, there's more mindblowing action in the keys of D and E as Stefan explains and decodes more Rev. Gary Davis, plus:

Footage from Big Bill Broonzy, one of the most inspiring and influential bluesmen ever. Learn to emulate his "wall of sound" playing style. (5:23)

Doc watson's deep river blues in E features great blues singing and playing. Just listening to this authentic country blues will make you a better musician, and its great fun. (13:20)

Discover why Stefan advises AGAINST playing with a metronome. Develop your own solid sense of time and build a foundation for advanced rhythm playing. 19:56

Learn How to "Go to Town"
On a Few Basic Chords

Every arrangement Stefan shows you is jam packed with new tricks. There's a very cool sliding D chord maneuver at 24:40.

How to play like Lohnnie johnson, the "Eric Clapton of the 1920s", This is intense. (29:37)

This Package Includes Vintage Rare Footage of
Legendary Blues Guitarist Son House

More tips to help you get a tight rhythm sound (50:03)

Another great tune from Mance Libscomb. It's a great blues arrangement in E (54:20)

The DVDs wrap up with a rare Son House recording. Really wonderful delta blues playing.

All the cool fingerings of Lohnnie Johnson decoded including how to "walk into chords" and "wham notes" 35:11

The quick arpeggio roll with advanced fingering (37:18)

How talk back and forth between 2 chords (See 39:16)

How to play boogie woogie bass lines and combine it with riffs in the key of E (45:30)

Well, this is it my friend.

This is "The Real Deal" blues treasure trove.

This is the blues guitar goldmine that you've been waiting to discover.

The songs are also tabbed in PDF, which are right on the DVDs if you want to look at them on your computer, or you can print them out if you ever lose the booklets.

By Now, You're Probably Wondering
How Much All This is Going to Cost...

Truly, these lessons are priceless.

But let's talk numbers. To study with a good blues teacher is expensive. Just check out this chart:

DVDs save you tons of money because you can enjoy and learn from them for months and even years... and get thousands of dollars worth of learning out of them.

Even by DVDs standards, these are worth $49.95 a pop, easy. So you're getting at least $300 worth of the best blues guitar instruction under the planet.

But you will not pay $300.

You won't even pay $197 or $147.

Your low price today is just $127.

I've bent over backwards for you to get the best blues lessons at the absolute cheapest price.

As with all my products, you get the iron-clad money-back guarantee.

Try out this package risk free for 12 whole months, and pay nothing if you're not tearing up the acoustic guitar with incredible blues music.

So go for it.

This is your golden opportunity to learn from Stefan Grossman, the creme de la creme of blues instructors. You simply can't go wrong investing in this course.

Just click on the link below to go to the orderpage.

Then select the package of your choice, fill out your details and we'll rush you this course immediately.


Keep playing the blues,

Claude Johnson
Creator of Guitar Control

Steffan Grossman has been recording, performing and writing about acoustic fingerstyle techniques and styles for over forty years. During the period from 1965 to 1975, he studied and traveled with some of the legendary figures in the story of blues guitar. These included Rev. Gary Davis, Mississippi John Hurt, Son House, Skip James, Fred McDowell and Mance Lipscomb.

The Ultimate Country Blues Package is the culmination of 5 decades of in the trenches blues guitar experience, knowledge, and wisdom.

"Grossman in particular, has been responsible almost single-handedly for maintaining and enriching the tradition of folk guitar playing. He has made himself master of countless traditional blues styles." - Music Week

"Stefan Grossman has done just about everything one can do in the field of music. He has been, among other things, a performer, a recording artist, a record company founder, a video producer, a literary agent, a writer, an A&R man, a concert promoter, a booking agent, a record producer, a student, a teacher, and a music historian. But it is his success is illuminating classic and contemporary blues and other fingerstyle guitar techniques that has made him one of the most important people in fingerpicking guitar in the history of the phenomenon" - Acoustic Guitar

I first met Stefan Grossman in the States years ago and we became extremely good friends. Personally, I have learned a great deal from him. Let's face it, he needs very little introduction from me as a blues artist and connoissuer in blues." - Eric Clapton

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